Bathroom adaptations in Hadlow: What do I need?

Do I need a walk in bath or walk in shower?

If you or a family member has decided to make any bathroom adaptations in Hadlow, knowing what adaptation is required can be a difficult decision.

When it comes to accessible bathing [wiki], there are essentially two main choices, a walk in bath or a walk in shower.


Which is easier to use?

It all really depends on the physical capability of the individual.

If it is the process of entering and exiting the bath that is a problem due to the height of the side, a walk in bath may be the best possible solution. A walk in bath allows easier access into the bath with a door that can simply be opened and closed as necessary, and the bath still works and is used as normal (extra hand rails and inside tub seating can be included if required).

If you were worried about flooding, the sealing in the door ensures that the water will remain in the tub. The tubs also have fast draining systems so you do not have to wait long for all the water to disperse so you can exit the bath.

Walk in showers totally remove the process of physically getting in and out to bathe, and are available with either a low level shower tray or as a completely level ‘zero-step in’ that works in the same way as a wet room in terms of level access, but at the cost of a low level shower tray.

Walk in showers require no bending or straining and the shower screens can be customised to your tastes resulting in a completely practical yet luxury bathroom adaptations in Hadlow.

One thing that must be considered however is sizing as walk in showers require more space for entry.


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